During the pre-construction phase, we will submit RFIs, ask pertinent questions, and consult with our professional engineers and independent consultants. It is our goal to coordinate directly with other trades on site, to develop interface details and sequencing and communicate back to management staff and engineers.


Cleveland Marble provides planning and budget services designed to evaluate the feasibility of the project. From conceptual design through final construction completion, Cleveland Marble’s in-house Estimating Department develops budget estimates and tracks project costs. This process may include alternative design analysis, value engineering, material selection studies, as well as site logistics, existing conditions, material lead times and labor availability on budget.

Material Procurement

It is in the project interest and all of our interests to insure that the stone material is fabricated with the highest quality and in meeting with the project details and schedule. Cleveland Marble will want to; participate in all material selections and range review, monitor the supply and fabrication at the facilities, and supplement GSS QA/QC program as necessary. Cleveland Marble and its resources have a continual presence overseas at stone suppliers and fabricators, including Italy and China.

Quality Control

Cleveland Marble exercises stringent quality control procedures on all our projects that it performs. Along with safety, superb quality of the finished work is our top priority. Cleveland Marble is privileged to be involved with time pieces that will showcase our work for years and years to come.